Annex 5. Assessing nutritional status

A5.1 Calculating a child's weight-for age

To calculate a child’s weight for age, use the table or the chart (link)

To calculate a child’s weight-for-age, use the tables below or the charts on weight for age charts.

In the table:

  • Locate the appropriate table for boys or girls.
  • Locate the row containing the child’s age in the left column.
  • Note where the child’s weight lies with respect to the weights recorded in this row.
  • Look up the column to read the weight-for-age of the child.

Example 1: Boy aged 5 months weighing 5.3 kg. His weight-for-age is –3 SD.

Example 2: Girl aged 27 months weighing 6.5 kg. Her weight-for-age is < –3 SD.

The lines in the weight-for-age charts correspond to –2 (low weight-for-age) and –3 SD (very low weight-for-age). Please note that you should use tables in section A5.2, for weight-for-height to determine whether a child has severe acute malnutrition.