Hospital Reporting

Paediatric Hospital Reporting Program 


This download contains a program (Paediatric Hospital Reporting PHR) for recording and monitoring admissions of children to hospitals in developing countries. The program is simple to use, and requires only the basic information about the child that is routinely recorded in admission/discharge record books in most children’s wards.

The diagnoses are consistent with those used by the World Health Organization in the “Pocket Book of Hospital Care for Children” and the “Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses” (IMCI). The diagnoses are also consistent with those in ICD-10 coding systems, but are not nearly as complex or numerous and are much easier to find and record

Entering data for any patient is fast and simple. When data entry is complete the program then automatically calculates the numbers of admissions for common diagnoses,  the number of deaths  and case fatality rates for these diagnoses.

The PHR program uses simple clinical diagnoses that can be made using clinical assessment and simple laboratory tests. The diagnoses include all common causes of childhood illness and death in developing countries, vaccine preventable diseases, and some neglected and emerging diseases.  The program allows for several diagnoses to be recorded on the one patient. In developing countries it is common for children to present with one symptom, but there may be more than one condition (co-morbidity). For example, a child may have pneumonia and diarrhoea, or malaria and anaemia, or tuberculosis and malnutrition, or HIV and chronic diarrhoea. In fact, the children most likely to die often have more than one diagnosis, and each diagnosis must be appreciated and treated. Underlying problems like malnutrition and anaemia are commonly under-recognised in hospital statistics. Increasingly social problems are identified as causes of child morbidity, and the program includes the recording of important social problems, e.g. child protection issues.

The program automatically generates a summary sheet that details the Admissions, Deaths and Case Fatality Rates (CFR) for 25 common diagnoses for the selected date search. Using this basic function the program helps to identify problem areas, compare CFR over time, look for trends, and monitor interventions. Some conditions have important immediate public health implications – such as a case of measles, acute flaccid paralysis, tetanus, or cholera. These cases are also summarised in the summary sheet, not because they are common in most developing countries, but because just one case can indicate an urgent public health problem.

We hope you find the PHR program of benefit in your health care setting.

For information about the Audit program and its implmentation, please email Dr Trevor Duke: