Chapter 11.2 Monitoring chart

A monitoring chart should include the following items.

  • patient’s details
  • vital signs (indicated by pulse rate and volume, respiratory rate and presence of lower chest indrawing, coma score or level of consciousness [AVPU], temperature and body weight)
  • fluid balance (urine output, any vomiting, any stool)
  • presence of clinical signs, complications and positive findings of investigations. At each review of the child, record whether these signs are still present. Record any new signs or complications.
  • treatments given
  • feeding and nutrition. Record the child’s weight on admission and at appropriate intervals during treatment. There should be a daily record of the child’s drinking, breastfeeding and eating. Record the amount of food taken and details of any feeding problems.

See Annex 6 for references to examples of monitoring charts and critical care pathways.