Chpater 3.3 Routine care for all newborns after delivery

The routine care described below applies to all newborns, either born in hospital or born outside and brought to the hospital.

  • Keep the baby in skin-to-skin contact on the mother’s chest or at her side, in a warm, draught-free room.
  • Start breastfeeding within the first hour as soon as the baby shows signs of readiness to feed.
  • Let the infant breastfeed on demand if able to suck.
  • Give IM vitamin K (phytomethadione) to all newborns.
    • 1 ampoule(1mg/0.5mlor1mg/ml)once.(Donotuse10mg/mlampoule.)
    • For preterm neonates, give 0.4 mg/kg IM (maximum dose, 1 mg).
  • Keep umbilical cord clean and dry.
  • Apply antiseptic eye drops or ointment (e.g. tetracycline ointment) to both eyes once, according to national guidelines.
  • Give oral polio, hepatitis B and bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccines, depending on national guidelines.